Child Stress and Parenting Study (CSPS)

Research questions:

1) Does the behavior of children exposed to greater stress resemble those behaviors typically associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

2) Does the quality of the parent-child relationship play a role in children’s attention and problem solving skills?

3) Does the quality of the teacher-child relationship play a role in teacher’s accuracy in predicting children’s abilities and contribute to children’s performance?


8-12 years of age; no history of intellectual disability, specific learning disorder, or psychosis

Brief synopsis:

We are interested in the effects of stressful life events and current parenting techniques on attention and executive functioning abilities in school-age children. Should you choose to participate, we will coordinate a 2- to 2.5-hour appointment at the EMU Psychology Clinic. You will answer a number of questionnaires about your child and your family, and your child will answer questionnaires about his/her behavior and will complete some game-like tasks that assess his/her cognitive ability, working memory, attention, and problem solving skills. We will compensate you for your time with a $40 Meijer gift card, and your child will receive a certificate of participation.

Contact: (734) 224-4068;